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Year 6a

Welcome to Year 6a

Year 6a's class page!


The class of 2022 is taught and supported by:

Class Teacher - Miss Timperley 

Class Teaching Assistant - Mrs Quine

1:1 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Pickering


The class of 2022 comprises of 30 children. Here you will find information about the Year 6 curriculum and the exciting learning your child will experience.


Books we will be exploring exploring this term:



We are currently reading and thoroughly enjoying the book 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' by Lewis Sachar, which is a story based on Bradley Chalkers (a fifth grader at the Red Hill School) who has trouble getting along with his classmates until he meets Carla- a new school councillor  She not only listens to his wacky stories, but encourages him to use his powerful imagination.


Additionally, the children will be using picture books and short clips in order to produce a variety of writing genres; ensuring they include year 6 writing criteria and features adhering to that text type. 




During summer term, we will be consolidating our knowledge of previous mathematics skills, which we have learnt throughout our time at Tyldesley Primary, by applying our understanding to real life scenarios. 




In the first half term, we will be investigating and understanding evolution through the three main scientists: Charlies Darwin, Mary Anning and Alfred Wallace. Children will be looking at how evolution is proved through fossils, inheritance and adaptation. 


In the second half term, we will be focusing on Animals, including humans. This will involve explaining what contributes to a healthy lifestyle; as well as, understanding the functions of our bodies main organs and how they work.  


History (first half term)


We are exploring the Viking era in Britain from 793AD - 1066AD. Children will be understanding how and where the vikings travelled, also researching primary and secondary sources and how they contributed to the events of the Vikings. 


Additionally, we will be celebrating the Queen's Jubilee as a school in May.




In computing this term, children will be understanding the importance to online safety and how to ensure they are always cautious whilst using technology. In doing so they will be looking at real-life scenarios of how people may make mistakes online and the reason in place for age restricted apps/games/websites.





We are continuing our learning of basic Spanish phases by enhancing our knowledge of numbers, colours, animals and food. 




In PSHE, we value each others opinions and discuss different topics openly and as equals. 

We are looking at Relationships and Changing ME this term. In these topics children will be supported and can speak to adults at any time if they have any worries or concerns. There is also opportunities for the children to anonymously ask questions about these topics which will then be answered in our PSHE lessons. 




For the first half of the term we are building on hockey skills in order to be able to play a game before half term. 


For the second half of the term we will be training in athletics by exploring running, jumping and throwing using specific equipment which the children will learn to use and practice with each week. 


All important information can be found on this page and the website. Please take a look at the curriculum overview below which outlines all the exciting learning that will be taking place in Year 6 this year. 


For any messages and class updates, please view the Class Dojo year group page. 


  • Read at least 4 time a week
  • Practice weekly spellings
  • Practice times tables up to 12 x 12
  • Occasional specific topic based homework