Reevy Hill Primary School

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Welcome to Nursery

Hello and welcome to Nursery!

I’m Miss Jones and I am the Nursery teacher, you will also find Mrs Mason and Miss Brown in Nursery every day. Mrs Speakman also supports our learning. We are a setting offering full time and part time hours for 3 and 4 year olds. We provide a range of snacks for your children, this is £1 a week which needs to be in a named envelope and posted in our silver post box at the start of each week.

In Nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and we essentially learn through play. We ensure all activities are meeting the needs of our children through activities that are practical and experimental. We offer a stimulating and enabling environment for the children that they will explore throughout their time within the EYFS department. We also plan with the children's interests in mind so that their learning is relatable to them. Each child will have their own learning journey, this is where we put any work the children have completed or pictures of any activities they have taken part in.


We offer a wide range of activities such as:
Dough Disco

Drawing the Write way

Helicopter Stories

Cosmic Yoga

Foundations to phonics - In nursery we focus on Phase 1 phonics, this has 7 aspects.

Aspect 1 (Environmental sounds), Aspect 2 (Instrumental sounds), Aspect 3 (Body percussion), Aspect 4 (Rhythm & rhyme), Aspect 5 (Alliteration), Aspect 6 (Voice sounds) and Aspect 7 (Oral blending and segmenting)


The children have access to both indoor and outdoor learning where they will be given opportunities to work under teacher direction in focused groups and also independently. 


Miss Jones