Reevy Hill Primary School

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Year 4a

Welcome to Year 4a

Welcome to year 4a. Our class of thirty children is friendly, funny and fantastic. There’s nothing we like more than sharing a story. We’ve recently been reading The Iron Man and we’ve got a whole year of fictional fun to enjoy together.  We are a pretty musical bunch too, whether it’s listening to all kinds of music or learning to play an instrument. In fact, we’ve got concerts planned throughout the year and we can’t wait to wow you with everything we have learnt.

We love getting hands on, whether it be making a circuit light up in Science or preparing food in Design and Technology. We live out the school values every day, but in particular we see our class as a team where people look out for each other and are kind and thoughtful towards their classmates and adults. 

We are all excited to start our learning journey together and to see what the year holds.

See you in school,

Miss Gaskill

Class Curriculum Map - Spring 1