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Love of Reading


At Tyldesley Primary School, we believe that every child should learn to read with confidence whilst developing a true love of reading.  This is at the heart of our curriculum, the decisions we make and the environment we create.   


The development of children’s reading skills and comprehension is intertwined with the need to nurture a love of books and reading to create life-long readers.  As a school, we have implemented the strategies to teach children how to read. 

This focuses on key strands to develop reading: 

  • apply the phonics knowledge to read words accurately (decoding)
  • blend sounds to read works accurately and flow through the sentence (fluency)
  • read with expression and intonation (prosody)
  • understand and enjoy what they have read (comprehension)

These skills are developed through Reading Practise sessions in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and then enhanced when the children begin Reading sessions from Year 2 through to Year 6.


Home Reading

In Reception through to Year 2, your child will be provided with a reading book for them to enjoy reading to you.  This book will be matched to their reading ability and would have been practised in school through the Little Wandle Reading Practise sessions, so they will be able to read it all without support, which in turn will develop their fluency, prosody and comprehension skills.  The more children read, the more fluent and confident they come so listen to your child read frequently.  


Towards the end of Year 2, the children will progress onto the school's reading scheme, which is underpinned by the Oxford Reading Scheme.  All books in the reading scheme are colour banded; the children are assessed termly to ensure that they are reading the correct level of book for them, which they can independently read with fluency and confidence. The children will bring home a reading book that is matched to their reading ability that has not been practised at school. These books should still be easily accessed by the children, to continue to develop their fluency skills (children will continue to access these reading books in Years 3-6).

Books for Enjoyment

The children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 will also have the opportunity to bring home a book from their class 'Sharing Shelf';  sharing of these books at home counts towards the Reading Championship. These are books for adults at home to read to the children. These support the children to develop a love of reading and enjoy the time that they share with adults sharing books. 

From Year 2 to Year 6, the children have access to the school library. The library includes a wide range of text types, and include copies of 'The 100 Books of TPS'.  


Reading Championship

Tyldesley Primary School's Reading Championship rewards frequent readers.  

The children read regularly with the aim of earning their Bronze award in the autumn term; their Silver award in the spring term; and their Gold award in the summer term.  The children can then aim to become a Reading Ambassador. (The awards build up throughout the year with the children being able to gain a point every time they read with their year group's frequency.

Reading Opportunities


  • 'Love of Reading' session: a daily session where the class teacher reads a book to their class which has carefully been selected to promote the 'Love of Reading'.  
  • 100 Books of TPS:  we have carefully selected 100 core books that children at TPS will enjoy throughout their time at our school.  These are on display around the school and built into our 'Love of Reading' and the curriculum.
  • Reading Practise Sessions: all children in Reception, Year 1 and at the beginning of Year 2, take part in 3 reading practise sessions per week, which focus upon decoding, fluency, prosody and comprehension.
  • Guided Reading: all children from the end of Year 2 through to Year 6 take part in daily Guided Reading sessions. Guided Reading is planned to teach a range of techniques which enable children to comprehend the meaning of what they read.
  • 'Love of Reading' Areas: all classrooms have class reading areas with a selection of carefully selected books. 
  • School Library: children in Years 2-6 have opportunities to visit the school library and choose a book to take home and share with a grown-up. Children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 have access to a class sharing shelf.