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The Mathematics Curriculum



At Tyldesley Primary School, we believe that maths is a fundamental corner stone of our curriculum and is designed to engage and captivate pupils, whilst providing them with the mathematical skills that are needed for the next stage in their educational journey, and for later life.  We want our pupils to be confident mathematicians that are fluent, can reason, and solve problems by showing a secure understanding across concrete, pictorial and abstract methods of maths.   

Our maths curriculum provides opportunities to connect, consolidate and reinforce maths skills whilst also developing fluency in both arithmetic and times tables to allow pupils to be able to access all areas of learning within mathematics.  Key instant recall facts and concepts for each year group are carefully sequenced and mapped for each half term. 



Teachers use the White Rose Maths scheme of learning as the basis of their planning, whilst using their professional judgement to adapt these to meet the needs of their class. 


We supplement White Rose Maths materials with resources such as Master the Curriculum, NCETM Teaching for Mastery year group documents and PIXL resources to allow teachers to provide more examples of fluency activities, and to give further opportunities for pupils to reason and apply their mathematical understanding using problem-solving tasks.   



Our well-planned maths curriculum ensures that pupils are fluent and confident mathematicians, who exude an enjoyment and curiosity about the subject. Our pupils are enthusiastic and competent mathematical problem solvers, within maths lessons and across the curriculum.

Pupils and are very well prepared for the next stage in their education.


Maths at Tyldesley Primary School

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