Reevy Hill Primary School

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Year 3a

Welcome to Year 3a

Welcome to year 3a -  the beginning of our Key Stage 2 learning journey. We are a kind, hardworking class with a genuine love of learning. 


Our day starts at 8.45am and ends at 3.30pm. In that time, we enjoy working together and exploring and investiagting lots of exciting new things whilst preparing ourselves for Year 4.


In English, we are reading The Tear Theif by Carol Ann Duffy. We are learning about different emotions and are enjoying exploring different instructional texts, ready to write our own instructions about how to make the moon shine.


In maths, we are focusing predominantly on multiplication and division this half term and developing our problem solving and reasoning skills within this area. We are working very hard to learn our four, eight and six times tables- keep it up Year 3a smiley 



Our topic in Science for this term is Animals Including Humans. Through research based investigations, we are enjoying learning about the right types and amounts of nutrtion that is needed to keep animals and humans healthy. We will also be idenitfying that humans and some animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement. 



In Geography, our topic is Hong Kong- a city in Asia by the sea. We have used a variety of resources to map the flight path from London to Hong Kong and identified the different coutries and capital cities which we fly over. We have developed our geographical language whilst investigating the physical and human features of Hong Kong and will be comparing them to where we live. Addtionally, we will be exploring the methods of transport in Hong Kong and learning about migration.


We are really enjoying history this term. Our focus is Ancient Egypt so far we have located Egypt, placed events in this period in chronological order and researched why the River Nile was essential to the Ancient Egyptians. 


In art, we have developed our skills in printmaking. We have investigated different mono-printing techniques and enjoyed using these to create different patterns and prints. We have made practical responses to the work of Edgar Degas and particularly enjoyed creating our own relief print. 


PSHE topic is Realtionships. We are discussing the ways in which we keep ourselves safe and identifying the roles and responsibilities of our family members. We will learn how to be a good friend and solve conflict as well as explain how some actions and work of people around the world help and influence our lives in school and the wider community. 


In R.E we are currently learning about what different people believe God is like.


In P.E we are enjoying going to the Pelican Centre in Tyldesley for our weekly swimming lessons. The children are really enjoying these sessions and I love seeing the progress and their confidence in the water grow each week.


In music, we really enjoy our fortnightly music lessons with Mrs B where we enjoy exploring pitch and tone through different call and response songs. We are also learning about rhythm, developing our improvisation and compositional skills trough the use of a variety of percussion instruments. We practise thes skills back in class every week. 


Mrs Gaskell