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Year 1b

Welcome to Year 1b



Welcome to Year 1B 

Summer 1 


In English this half-term we are have been using the story 'Little Red Riding Hood' to focus on character and setting descriptions. We have been using amazing adjectives to help develop our writing, whilst still focusing on capital letters and full stops. We are now looking at how to use exclamation marks and question marks too!

In our Love of Reading time, we have been coming together as a class to enjoy a book selected from the '100 books of Tyldesley', that have all been purposefully collated to provide a broad range of texts to suit the children needs and experiences. 


In Maths, we are learning about fractions and will use this to help with division towards the end of term. We are looking at halves and quarters of shapes, objects and amounts. We have also been practicing our arithmetic style questions to ensure we feel confident with our addition and subtraction number sentences.  


In Science we will be learning about plants. This topic has allowed us to spend time outdoors during the lessons whilst we explore our school environment. We have been using magnifying glasses to help us look at the leaves, stem and petals in a flower. We are also trying our best to nurture our seeds and plants in class and hopefully will have some lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower at the end of the year!


We have continued with weekly RE, PSHE, Computing and Music lessons. In RE we have been exploring Christianity and how parables have special meanings that we can use in our lives. In Computing we are continuing to learn basic computational skills and also educating ourselves on how to keep safe online.  In music the children will use BBC ten pieces to look at a chosen composer. We have also been using our beautiful singing voices to learn songs based on the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Our PSHE lessons are focusing on relationships and people we can trust. We will look at different relationships and allow children to be comfortable in their friendships/relationships.


In Geography, we have been learning about life in a city. We are going to learn what human and physical features are and see if we can identify them in a major city. We will also keep deepening our knowledge on capital cities in the UK.  


We have also be continuing with our twice daily phonics lessons which includes all the children having a lesson delivered to them and also opportunity for the children to apply their new learning each day. This term we have also been focusing on real and alien words in preparation for the Year 1 Phonics screening check, later this year. 


Our PE lessons have and will continue to be on a Wednesday and all children are to come in school in their full PE kit. Our sport to focus on this year is football, focusing on dribbling, passing, shooting and finding space on the pitch. We have also been playing games to help develop that team spirit and resilience. 



Mrs Harding and Mrs Isaacs