Reevy Hill Primary School

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Year 1b

Welcome to Year 1b

 Welcome to Year 1B and the beginning of our Key Stage 1 journey!


Our Teacher is Miss Tobin. 

We also work closely with Mrs Croly.


We are a class full of character and bubbly personalities. We are kind, ambitious, resilient, respectful and very proud to be Tyldesley Primary school children. 


In Year 1, we have phonics lessons daily and will be using Little Wandle to support this learning. We will also be participating in reading session three times a week to help develop fluency and comprehension. Please note that we will have the phonics screening check towards the end of our time in Year 1.  


In our Love of Reading time, we have been coming together as a class to enjoy a book selected from the '100 Books of Tyldesley'.  These books have all been purposefully chosen to provide a broad range of texts to suit the children's needs and experiences. 


Our PE lessons will be on Wednesday. Please remember to remove any watches or earrings.


We love learning practically and exploring things using a hands on approach. We love to learn and we are very excited to see where our learning journey takes us!