Reevy Hill Primary School

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a fabulous week s far. Please find below todays activities.

Movement activity to wake up your brains- Joe Wicks PE/ wake up shake up/ shake your sillies out/ Andy wild workout - links to these posted on the main Reception page.

Daily calendar- day of the week song, date and month of the year. You could also discuss the season and weather during this time.

On a Wednesday we usually do P.E so our Maths activity today is a physical time challenge. All You need is a timer, if you don’t have one I have posted a YouTube  one below. In this time how many of the following things can you do in 1 minute?
How many times can you..
-do star jumps?
-Bounce a ball?
- catch a ball?
I wonder if there is anything else you can think of doing in 1 minute? 


Literacy task- can you use your story map to write about the Bear Hunt.


Teddy Bears/ toys picnic- I wonder if you could help to make some of your picnic food with your grown up. We would love to see photos of your picnic.
Daily phonics will be sent to you by your teacher on Class Dojo.

Have a wonderful day,
Miss Poultney & Mrs Metcalfe.

1 Minute Timer - Clean and Simple

This timer counts down until it reaches 0:00, then time is up!