Reevy Hill Primary School

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W/C 6th July


Phonics -

English-Look at the illustration on the front cover. Discuss what you think the book might be about. Read the blurb on the back. Does this give you any other ideas?

Listen to the story here:


Maths - The Pirate Adventure Booklet

Topic - Label Pirate Pete


Phonics -

English- Create your own Diary Account using terms before, next, after. (Order a typical lockdown day eg, First I get up out of bed, before I go downstairs Mummy tells me to brush my teeth.)

Maths -  White Rose Home Learning - Lesson 1 - Find a half (1)

Topic - GEOGRAPHY: The Seasons

Maths Starter Activity - Count to and across 100, forwards & backwards from any number AND read and write numbers to 20 in numerals & words

Discussion question - Finding half of a shape or object


Phonics -

English - Create a diary for Noi. How is his day different to yours?

Maths -  White Rose Home Learning - Lesson 2 - Find a half (2)

Topic - Spanish




Starter Activity - Read and write numbers to 100 in numerals

Discussion Question - finding half of a quantity


Phonics -

English- Design a game for Noi  using things he would find on the beach. First – write a list of what you think Noi would find at the beach that he could use. Next Design and make your game.

Maths - White Rose Home Learning - Lesson 3 - Find a quarter (1)

Topic - Choose a cosmic kids yoga activity of your choice:

Maths - Starter Activity - Say 1 more/1 less to 100

Discussion Problem - Finding half of a shape or object


Phonics -

English- Write instructions telling someone else how to play Nois game that you designed.

Maths - White Rose Home Learning - Lesson 4 - Find a quarter (2)

Topic - Play a board game or the game you designed for Noi 

Maths Starter Activity - Count in multiples of 2, 5 & 10

Discussion Problem - Finding a quarter of a quantity