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W/C 15th June


Phonics: Phonics Bloom:   Please select to revise all words. (you can then re-play and select particular graphemes)

English: Pippety SkyCap

Maths: White Rose - Summer Term - Week 8

Topic: Self Portraits.

TASK: Read the story then complete the activities up to and including the quiz on page 8, Then choose any activity of your choice.




Phonics: Phonics Bloom - Please select to revise all words. (you can then play again selecting any that proved tricky)

English: Orion and the Dark. Listen here:

Maths: White Rose - Summer Term - Week 8

Topic: Art: Can you create a scary collage? What colours will you choose and what scary adjectives can you think of?


Phonics -   Play both games click the tick if you know the word and can read it and cross if you do not know it or you cant decode it.

English: What are we afraid of? What is Orion afraid of? Can you draw yourself or Orion. In thought bubbles around yourself or Orion. Write down what you are afraid of and try to work out why, using the word 'because' to link your ideas. For example Orion is afraid of wasps because he might get stung and it would hurt.

Maths:White Rose Maths Home Learning - Summer Term - Week 8

Topic: Seaside Games - Go outside and play traditional games such as football. Can you find stones and minibeasts in your garden? What do you think you would discover at the beach?


Phonics -

English: Oops there are many things wrong with this letter- can you correct them? Can you re-write the letter correctly?


Maths: White Rose Home Learning

Topic: Can you create your own seaside map for a beebot?


Please fix this letter!


Phonics -  Choose any phoneme of choice, children have covered all of this phase.

English: Can you write your own letter to Orion telling him how you can overcome your fears?

Maths: Consolidation - Multiplication & Division 

Topic: Art a look at some famous British Artists interpretations of the seaside here: Can you create your own seaside landscape?



Maths - Consolidation - Multiplication & Division (Problem Solving & Reasoning)

Weekly Spelling Check