Reevy Hill Primary School

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The Grumpy Monkey - 22nd June

Monday - Listen to the story - The Grumpy Monkey - 


Tuesday - Feed the Monkey counting game. 


Wednesday - Listen to the Positional Language "Where's the Monkey" song.


Thursday - Using the bananas from the Feed the Monkey game. Use the language of more/less/equal to. Can you estimate how many bananas there are?


Friday - Could you draw a picture of a monkey on the bed. Could you write a caption " A monkey is on the bed". 

Afternoon activities


Monday - Using a toilet roll tube have a go at making your own monkey!


Tuesday - With a grownups help using the internet/books, research about Monkeys. You might like to find out where they live or what they eat. I would love you to send me a fact that you have found out about monkeys.


Wednesday - Follow the instructions on 'How to draw a monkey'


Thursday - Have a talk about things that make you happy. Draw a picture or write a caption to tell me what makes you happy.


Friday - Have a go at Cosmic Kids Jungle -