Reevy Hill Primary School

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Rumble in the Jungle - 29th June

Monday - Listen to the story of Rumble in the Jungle -


Tuesday - Jungle size ordering - Can you put them in order from smallest to biggest?


Wednesday - Matching numeral to quantity activity cards - If you do not have a print use real objects


Thursday - Repeating pattern - Look at snake patterns online - use the snake outline or draw your own and decorate with a repeating pattern 


Friday - Work through the Halving Parrot Powerpoint. - Complete bee halving worksheet

Afternoon activities - 


Monday - Can you draw a picture and write a sentence about the beginning, middle and end of the story


Tuesday - Make your own jungle however you like!


Wednesday - Draw and write about your favourite animal


Thursday - Play 'What am I?' game


Friday - Have a look at different animal patterns, have a go at copying an animal pattern. (snake, giraffe, zebra, tiger)