Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 1 - Look at pictures of Jesus at different stages in his life. Pupils share what they know about Jesus. Who was Jesus? Why is he important to Christians today?
Week 2 - Jesus was a storyteller. What is a story? Why do we like them? What makes a good story? Are there different types of stories? Pupils share their favourite story books explaining why they like that book. Explore the significance and importance of stories. Look at a variety of stories from other cultures and religious traditions and explore their purpose. 
Week 3 - Introduce the Bible as a very special book for Christians. Why is it a special book for Christians? It contains many stories about Jesus and many stories Jesus told. How do Christians show the book is special to them?  

Week 5

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Week 5 - Introduce a parable as a story Jesus told with a deeper meaning that can be used to teach a moral lesson. Link the story of ‘Dogger’ with the parable of the Lost Coin. Tell the story of the Lost Coin (Luke 15:8-10) and or the Lost Sheep (Luke 15 1-7). Watch RE Quest, which tells the story of the lost sheep in a modern context. Explain how this story helps Christians to know how precious they are to God. Pupils can reflect and consider what is special and valuable in their own life.