Reevy Hill Primary School

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PSHE - Summer 1 - Relationships

Week 3 - Holding hands.

Week 4 - 

Tell me or show me - Using the picture cards turn one card over at a time and agree on who that person is and then reach consensus on whether that person can help them in school or not? Sort the cards into people who might help us in school and people who might help us outside school.


Let me learn - Using a scenario e.g. you have fallen over in the playground and hurt your knee , ask your child to act out this scenario, one being the child who is hurt and the other being the teacher on duty. Help the children rehearse the words to convey the problem e.g. “Please help me, miss, I fell over and hurt my knee.” “Oh dear, let me see, perhaps it needs a plaster.” Practise a few times to demonstrate how to ask for help.


Help me reflect - children to complete the sentence stem: ‘When someone helps me I feel...’

Week 5 - Being my own best friend.
Week 6 - Celebrating my special friends.