Reevy Hill Primary School

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Everybody Worries - 8th June

Monday - Read Everybody Worries -

Shapes - How many circles can you find? How many triangles? How many squares? Which shape did you find the most of?


Tuesday - Shape patterns -


Wednesday - Snakes and Ladders 1- 20. (You will need a dice)


Thursday - Collect 5 items from your house or garden. Can you order them by length?


Friday - Ordering numbers to 20. Make your own flashcards, close your eyes, an adult takes a number away. Which one is missing? 



Monday - Create a rainbow picture using anything, be as creative as you like!


Tuesday - Fitness Circuit Cards


Wednesday - Sit down and talk to your grown ups. Do you have any worries?


Thursday - Gratitude Scavenger hunt 


Friday - Write a message or draw a picture to say hello to staff/friends/teacher