Reevy Hill Primary School

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Commotion in the Ocean - 6th July

 Listen to the story of Commotion in the Ocean


Monday - Find, count, colour - Under the sea sheet. 


Tuesday - Cut and stick - ordering to 20 


Wednesday - Sweet shop Monster Halving game - can you share the sweets?


Thursday - One more sea creature counting game


Friday - Can you use shapes to make up your own sea creature? (Try and use: squares, rectangles, triangles and circles)

Afternoon Activities 


Monday - Draw you favourite sea creature. Can you write a sentence to tell me about it? My favourite is a ______ because ______. 


Tuesday - Feelings - Re-read the story, which creature makes you feel scared? Are there any creatures that make you feel happy? 


Wednesday - What can you see? and What am i? 


Thursday - Can you make a list of as many creatures that you think liv under the sea?


Friday - You have 1 magic shell. Can you draw a picture of what you would wish for with your magic shell?