Reevy Hill Primary School

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Charlie and the Cheesemonster - 20th April

Week commencing 20th April. 

This week our book is Charlie and the Cheesemonster. 

Under the link I have posted activities and links that i will be referring to throughout the week. 


Your phonics task will be messaged to you by group and i will post the Maths challenge on dojo and also on here, everything you need will be under the heading of Charlie and the Cheese Monster. 



Monday - Teddy bear counting game 


Tuesday  - Number ordering worksheet 1-10


Wednesday - Singing five little men in a flying saucer - Lyrics and stick puppets to create to sing along with are available


Thursday - Moon rocks - Roll up pieces of tinfoil into different sizes. Ask

children to give you an amount of moons rocks. Numbers ranging 1- 10/15. Ask questions such as "How many more would I need to make...?"

Use language such as - more/less/the same/most/least


Friday - Counting in Space with Zid the Alien. Can you help Zid count out the correct number of items. 

Afternoon activities 


 Monday - Cbeebies Space information video 

Tuesday - Charlie meets a cheesemonster. Can you make your own cheese sandwich with a grown up? (Take pictures of each stage if possible)

Wednesday - Using yesterdays pictures of you making your sandwich can you put them in the correct order? Or there is a sheet available here for you to cut and order these images. 

Thursday - Science experiment - Can you make a straw rocket? Can you think about how to design your rocket? What could you do to make your rocket go further? 

Friday - Singing - If you blast off into Space today song.