Reevy Hill Primary School

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Aliens Love Underpants - 27th April

Week commencing 27th April 2020


This week our story is Aliens Love Underpants!


Monday-Listen to the story on Dojo. Have a go at designing your own alien and talking to your grown up about what you have drawn. 

Tuesday - Design a 2d shape alien. Using the worksheet provided have a go a creating an alien only using 2d shapes.

Wednesday - Alien counting activity. Can you count some of the items from the story? 

Thursday - Alien matching game. Can you match the correct underpants? Can you talk to your grown up about the different patterns you can see on them. 

Friday - Today is International Space Day! Can you put the aliens in the correct size order? Start from smallest to biggest. 



Afternoon activities

Monday - The Aliens favourite things are underpants. Have a think what your favourite item is in your house. Can you talk to you grown up about why it is your favourite? What do you like about it? How does it make you feel?

Tuesday - Science experiment - For this you will need a blank paper underpants outline, white wax crayons, watery paint and a paintbrush. Ask children to draw a pattern onto their underpants. Whats happened? Can they see it? They will now do some magic painting! Using very thin watery paint, paint over their pattern and see what happens!

Wednesday - For our fine motor skills, have a go at the aliens love underpants playdough mats. Remember to push, squeeze, pull and roll your playdough.

Thursday - Retell the story using the stick puppets to a grown up 

Friday - If you would like to, create your own 'Pants Shop' using the resource pack available here. Or Using junk modelling/lego or whatever you like, make your own Space Station!