Reevy Hill Primary School

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8 Little Planets - 4th May

Week Commencing - 4th May 


Monday - Listen to the story 8 Little Planets -

- Make yourself a game of Space Snap and play it with a grown up. 


- Using the Space Size Ordering worksheets. Choose a sheet and see if you can cut and stick them in order from smallest to the largest!


- Space Treasure Hunt activity. Cut up the different space items and get a grown up to hide them around the house. Using your activity sheet see if you can find the items. Then count how many there are in the picture. Can you write that number on your activity sheet?


- Comparing Planets - Lay the Comparing Planets pictures out on the floor to look at. Encourage them to describe what they can see. Think about size/colour/texture. Encourage comparative language " Jupiter looks bigger than Mars". "Saturn looks different to Earth because it has rings around it". 


You could extend this by using the Comparing Planets speech bubbles for children to write or an adult to scribe some of the sentences the children say. 




Extra Activities 

Monday - Sing Planets Song - - Have a go at the Ordering Planets worksheet. 

Tuesday - Space Theme Printing picture. You will need a variety of paper cups, cardboard tubes and bottle tops, paint, glitter (if wanted). Please follow the instructions provided. 

Wednesday - Create a Space Mobile.You will need an old coat hanger and string. Cut out the planets provided to create your own mobile. 

Thursday - Space Music Adventure- -Talk to them about what they would need to take with them for Space Travel. Listen to this piece of music, they are to move around to the music like astronauts. Approaching the spaceship, putting on your suit, climbing in, and pushing the buttons to BLAST OFF!




Activities you might like to have a go at.

  1. Decorate your own bunting.
  2. Have a go at making some Carrot Scones
  3. Swing Dancing with a grown up. 
  4. Design a medal
  5. VE Colour Pages
  6. Make your own Spitfire